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Alabama Historical Shown On USGS Maps


A simple alphabetical index to miscellaneous historical places shown on Alabama topographical maps.

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  • Acock Pond (historical) in Houston County
  • Allens Bar (historical) in Marshall County
  • Arnolds Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Ashworth Pond (historical) in Morgan County
  • Avery Pond (historical) in Bibb County
  • Bainbridge Eddy (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Bar Below Gause Bar (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Bates Pond (historical) in Colbert County
  • Battery Buchanan (historical) in Mobile County
  • Battery Dearborn (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Battery Duportail (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Battery Gladden (historical) in Mobile County
  • Battery McIntosh (historical) in Mobile County
  • Battery Missouri (historical) in Mobile County
  • Battery Schenck (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Battery Stanton (historical) in Mobile County
  • Battery Terrett (historical) in Mobile County
  • Battery Thomas (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Beaver Lake (historical) in Limestone County
  • Bee Tree Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Big Bear Shoals (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Big Island (historical) in Chilton County
  • Big Island (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Big Jump Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Big Log Shoals (historical) in Greene County
  • Big Muscle Shoals (historical) in Colbert County
  • Black Lake (historical) in Marshall County
  • Box Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Broken Bar (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Brookley Air Force Base (historical) in Mobile County
  • Brush Creek Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Buck Island (historical) in Marshall County
  • Burndine Bar (historical) in Madison County
  • Burnetts Salt Well (historical) in Morgan County
  • Camp Siebert (historical) in Etowah County
  • Cedar Island (historical) in Coosa County
  • Cedar Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Central Alabama Hospital (historical) in Chilton County
  • Chigger Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Choccolocco Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Chunns Bar (historical) in Madison County
  • City Hospital (historical) in Mobile County
  • City Infirmary (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Clear Creek Sinks (historical) in Talladega County
  • Coffee Island (historical) in Mobile County
  • Colbert Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Colbert Shoals Canal (historical) in Colbert County
  • Coles Bend Bar (historical) in Marshall County
  • Colgins Island (historical) in Sumter County
  • Corn Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Courtland Air Base (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Cow Ford Bar (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Cox Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Coxs Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Coxs Bar (historical) in Limestone County
  • Craig Air Force Base (historical) in Dallas County
  • Crawfords Island (historical) in Pickens County
  • Crowder Shoals (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Crusoe Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Cypress Pond (historical) in Bullock County
  • Daniels Creek Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Dauphin Island Annex Brookley Air Force Base (historical) in Mobile County
  • Davies Hospital (historical) in Houston County
  • Decatur Municipal Landing Field (historical) in Morgan County
  • Denson Island (historical) in Talladega County
  • Doctor Savages Hospital (historical) in Marengo County
  • Drakes Mill Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Drummond Fraser Hospital (historical) in Talladega County
  • Dry Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Eagle Bar (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Eagle Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • East Alabama Hospital (historical) in Lee County
  • Elk River Shoals Canal (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Fair Shoals (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Fennel Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Finches Ferry Bar (historical) in Greene County
  • First Bars (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Fish Pond Club House (historical) in St. Clair County
  • Five Acre Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Flemons Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Flint River Towhead (historical) in Madison County
  • Florida Pond (historical) in Houston County
  • Fort Crawford (historical) in Escambia County
  • Fort Decatur (historical) in Macon County
  • Fort Gaines (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Glass (historical) in Clarke County
  • Fort Hampton (historical) in Limestone County
  • Fort Jackson (historical) in Elmore County
  • Fort Jeb Stuart (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Leslie (historical) in Talladega County
  • Fort Louis de la Louisiane (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Madison (historical) in Clarke County
  • Fort Mimms (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Fort Montgomery (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Fort Morgan Airport (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Fort Mouton (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Philip (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Powell (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Sidney Johnston (historical) in Mobile County
  • Fort Stonewall (historical) in Clarke County
  • Fort Strother (historical) in St. Clair County
  • Fort Tombecbe (historical) in Sumter County
  • Fort Toulouse (historical) in Elmore County
  • Fort Tracy (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Fort Williams (historical) in Talladega County
  • Fort Williams Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Forty Acres Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Frasier Ellis Hospital (historical) in Houston County
  • Friedman Library (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Frog Bottom (historical) in Talladega County
  • Gadsden Ordnance Plant (historical) in Etowah County
  • Gilchrist Bar (historical) in Limestone County
  • Gilchrist Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Gillsport Bar (historical) in Limestone County
  • Goldwaithe and Walkers Goldmine (historical) in Chilton County
  • Goose Pond (historical) in Limestone County
  • Gourd Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Greens Bluff Bar (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Greensboro Hospital (historical) in Hale County
  • Greenville Confederate Hospital (historical) in Butler County
  • Gum Cypress Lake (historical) in Autauga County
  • Guntersville Dam Landing Field (historical) in Marshall County
  • Hale Infirmary (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Hale Memorial Hospital (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Hales Island (historical) in Sumter County
  • Halls Well (historical) in Choctaw County
  • Harolds Lake (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Harrys Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Hendricks Reef (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Hickory Hill Fire Tower (historical) in Sumter County
  • Hillmans Island (historical) in Greene County
  • Hills Lake (historical) in Barbour County
  • Hobbs Bar (historical) in Wilcox County
  • Hog Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Holmes Memorial Hospital (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Home of Mercy (historical) in Jefferson County
  • Horseshoe Lake (historical) in Sumter County
  • Houstons Island (historical) in Greene County
  • Howard Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Huntsville City Infirmaries (historical) in Madison County
  • Jacks Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Jackson Chute (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Judge Terrys Goldmine (historical) in Chilton County
  • Kellys Pond (historical) in Russell County
  • Ketona Quarry (historical) in Jefferson County
  • Kilby Prison (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Kings Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Knight Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Kogers Rock (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Lakeview Hospital (historical) in Covington County
  • Lakeview Opera House (historical) in Jefferson County
  • Langstons Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Larkins Towhead (historical) in Jackson County
  • Lees Bar (historical) in Madison County
  • Light House Battery (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Limestone Bar (historical) in Limestone County
  • Little Buck Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Little Jump Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Little Muscle Shoals (historical) in Colbert County
  • Little Peach Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Littles Island (historical) in Greene County
  • Logan Field Municipal Airport (historical) in Geneva County
  • Long Pond (historical) in Jackson County
  • Lower Canton Bar (historical) in Wilcox County
  • Manacks Island (historical) in Autauga County
  • Marine Hospital (historical) in Mobile County
  • Marvyn Lake (historical) in Lee County
  • Mason Island (historical) in Limestone County
  • Mason Lake (historical) in Madison County
  • McCoys Island (historical) in Talladega County
  • McKee Island (historical) in Marshall County
  • Meadow Pond (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Memorial Hospital (historical) in Talladega County
  • Metro West Hospital (historical) in Jefferson County
  • Mikes Bar (historical) in Hale County
  • Miller Ferry Bar (historical) in Wilcox County
  • Montgomery Infirmary (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Moore Pond (historical) in Marshall County
  • Mossy Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Muscle Shoals Canal (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Nances Reef (historical) in Limestone County
  • Naval Station Mobile (historical) in Mobile County
  • Negro Pond (historical) in Monroe County
  • Negrohead (historical), The in Chilton County
  • Nixon and McGuire Bar (historical) in Wilcox County
  • Oakchia Fire Tower (historical) in Sumter County
  • Ohio Island (historical) in Wilcox County
  • Peckerwood Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Perry County Airport (historical) in Perry County
  • Pickens Bar (historical) in Hale County
  • Pine Island (historical) in Marshall County
  • Plank Shoals (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Plant System Hospital Number Three (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Pole and Be Damned Reach (historical) in Hale County
  • Polk Island (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Poor Horse Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Poplar Pond (historical) in Colbert County
  • Proctor Pond (historical) in Jackson County
  • Providence Infirmary (historical) in Mobile County
  • Prude Lake (historical) in Pickens County
  • Raccoon Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Ratcliffes Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Red Fort (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Reeves Airport (historical) in Elmore County
  • Resting Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Revenue Point (historical) in Baldwin County
  • Robertsons Island (historical) in Talladega County
  • Rock Island (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Rose Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Saint Lukes Hospital (historical) in Calhoun County
  • Saint Margaret Hospital (historical) in Montgomery County
  • Sand Island (historical) in Mobile County
  • Sand Mountain Infirmary (historical) in Marshall County
  • Sand Springs Oil Field (historical) in Fayette County
  • Sedge Grass Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Sellers Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Selma Infirmary (historical) in Dallas County
  • Shackleford Pond (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Sheep Island (historical) in Talladega County
  • Sherrod Lake (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Shoal Creek Aqueduct (historical) in Lauderdale County
  • Sipsey Island (historical) in Pickens County
  • Smith Landing Field (historical) in Marshall County
  • Smiths Pond (historical) in Russell County
  • Sniders Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Soctum Fire Tower (historical) in Sumter County
  • South Alabama Infirmary (historical) in Clarke County
  • South Flint River Bar (historical) in Morgan County
  • Southern Infirmary (historical) in Mobile County
  • Spring Bars (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Squaw Shoals (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Steamboat Island (historical) in Talladega County
  • Swan Lake (historical) in Limestone County
  • Sweetgum Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Tallapoosa Falls (historical) in Elmore County
  • Ten Islands (historical) in St. Clair County
  • Thompsons Island (historical) in Greene County
  • Three Island Shoals (historical) in Talladega County
  • Tick Island (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Town Creek Bar (historical) in Lawrence County
  • Triana Bar (historical) in Madison County
  • Turkey Chute Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Turtle Pond (historical) in Jackson County
  • Tuscaloosa Shoals (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Union Street Private Hospital (historical) in Dallas County
  • Uniontown Municipal Airport (historical) in Perry County
  • United States Government Tuberculosis Hospital (historical) in Jackson County
  • University Falls (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • University Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Upper Canton Bar (historical) in Wilcox County
  • Vienna Island (historical) in Pickens County
  • Walker County Airport (historical) in Walker County
  • Walker Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Wallace Bar (historical) in Colbert County
  • Walnut Street Hospital (historical) in Etowah County
  • Wards Shoal (historical) in Tuscaloosa County
  • Washington County Hospital in Washington County
  • Washington Public Library (historical) in Jefferson County
  • Waterloo Island (historical) in Colbert County
  • Watson Hospital (historical) in Morgan County
  • Wetumpka Prison (historical) in Elmore County
  • White Lake (historical) in Marshall County
  • White Pond (historical) in Houston County
  • Whitehouse Gas Field (historical) in Marion County
  • Whitesburg Bar (historical) in Madison County
  • Wiley Lake (historical) in Jackson County
  • Woolforks Lake (historical) in Bullock County






















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