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Arizona Trails Shown On USGS Maps

A simple alphabetical index to trails shown on topographical maps. The counties are in alphabetical order, with the trails listed under each county heading.

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Apache County

Trail Name Map
Antelope Trail Del Muerto
Black Rock Trail Mummy Cave Ruins
Crack in Rock Trail Del Muerto
East Fork Baldy Trail Ninetyfive Big Lake North
Escudilla National Recreation Trail Escudilla Mountain
Many Ladders Trail Del Muerto
Many Skulls Trail Del Muerto
Maos Trail Del Muerto
Red Clay Trail Mummy Cave Ruins
Sheep Crossing/Baldy Ninetyfour Trail Mount Baldy
Spanish Trail Mummy Cave Ruins
Womans Trail Del Muerto
Zuni Trail Three Turkey Canyon

Cochise County

Trail Name Map
Ash Canyon Trail One Hundred Four Miller Peak
Basin Trail Two Hundred Fortyseven Portal Peak
Bear Springs Trail One Hundred Ten Miller Peak
Carr Peak - Canyon Loop Miller Peak
Copper Glance Trail One Hundred Seventeen Miller Peak
Coronado Peak Trail Montezuma Pass
Cottonwood Canyon Trail Two Hundred Sixtysix Chiricahua Peak
Cottonwood Circle Two Hundred Thirtythree Swede Peak
Crest Trail Huachuca Peak
Crest Trail Number One Hundred Three Miller Peak
Crest Trail Two Hundred Seventy Chiricahua Peak
Devils Canyon 237 Bruno Peak
East White Tail Trail Two Hundred Fiftythree Cochise Head
Emigrant Canyon Trail Two Hundred Fiftyfive Cochise Head
Fife Canyon Trail Two Hundred Fiftyeight Fife Peak
Geronimo Trail Douglas
Joes Canyon Trail Montezuma Pass
Lyle Canyon Trail One Hundred Twenty Huachuca Peak
Miller Peak Trail Miller Peak
Mormon Ridge Trail Two Hundred Sixtynine Chiricahua Peak
Oversite Trail One Hundred Twelve Miller Peak
Pole Bridge Trail Two Hundred Sixtyfour Chiricahua Peak
Price Canyon Trail Two Hundred Twentyfour Chiricahua Peak
Price Shake Pine Gulch Trail 235-236 Swede Peak
Rock Canyon Trail Two Hundred Fiftynine Rustler Park
Rucker Canyon Trail Two Hundred Twentytwo Chiricahua Peak
Rucker Raspberry Ridge Trail Two Hundred Twentyeight Chiricahua Peak
Saulsbury Canyon Trail Two Hundred Sixtythree Rustler Park
Shaw Peak Trail Two Hundred Fiftyone Rustler Park
Snowshed Trail Portal Peak
South Fork Canyon Trail Two Hundred Fortythree Portal Peak
Turkey Pen Canyon Trail Two Hundred Sixtytwo Rustler Park
Turtle Mountain Trail Two Hundred Nineteen Chiricahua Peak
Witch Canyon Trail Two Hundred Sixty Fife Peak

Coconino County

Trail Name Map
A B Young Trail Munds Park
Bass Trail King Arthur Castle
Benham National Recreation Trail Williams South
Bill Williams National Recreation Trail Williams South
Blue Springs Trail Desert View
Boucher Trail Grand Canyon
Bridle Trail Wilson Mountain
Bright Angel Trail Grand Canyon
Casner Canyon Eleven Trail Munds Park
Chevelon Ridge Truck Trail Weimer Point
Clear Creek Trail Phantom Ranch
Cross Country Ski Trail Parks
Dorsey Spring Trail Sycamore Point
Dripping Springs Trail Grand Canyon
Fisherman Trail Woods Canyon SW
General George Crook National Recreation Trail Kehl Ridge
Grandview Trail Cape Royal
Hance Trail Cape Royal
Havasupai Trail Thirty Supai
Hermit Trail Grand Canyon
Horse Crossing Trail Blue Ridge Reservoir
Indian Hollow-Thunder Springs Trail Twenty-three Tapeats Amphitheater
Jack Canyon-Mund Mountain Fifty Five - Seventy Seven Munds Mountain
Kane Trail Cane
Kelsey Winter Trail Sycamore Point
Kendrick Peak Trail Kendrick Peak
Kinder Crossing Trail Blue Ridge Reservoir
Lava Flow Trail Sunset Crater West
Lenox Trail Sunset Crater West
Little Lookout Trail Sycamore Point
North Canyon Trail Four Dog Point
North Kaibab Trail Bright Angel Point
Old Kaibab Trail Bright Angel Point
Overland Road Historic Trail May Tank Pocket
Point Sublime Trail Kanabownits Spring
Rim Lakes Vista Trail Woods Canyon
Rim Lakes Vista Trail Woods Canyon SW
River Trail Phantom Ranch
Rock Crossing Trail Blue Ridge Reservoir
Soap Creek Trail Emmett Wash
Soldier Trail Leonard Canyon
South Kaibab Trail Phantom Ranch
Tanner Trail Desert View
Taylor Cabin Trail Sycamore Point
Thompson Ladder Munds Park
Thompsons Ladder Fourteen Munds Park
Tiyo Point Trail Bright Angel Point
Tonto Trail Shiva Temple
Topocoba Trail Topocoba Hilltop
Transept Trail Bright Angel Point
Vultee Arch Twenty Two Wilson Mountain
Walnut Canyon Loop Trail Flagstaff East
Wilson Mountain Trail Munds Park
Winter Cabin Trail Sycamore Point

Gila County

Trail Name Map
Baldy Trail Four Peaks
Barnhardt Trail Mazatzal Peak
Bear Flat Pleasant Valley Trail Promontory Butte
Boyer Trail One Hundred Fortyeight Armer Mountain
Chamberlain Trail Oxbow Mountain
Coon Spring Trail Aztec Peak
Del Shay Trail Sheep Basin Mountain
Denton Trail Tonto Basin
Derrick Trail Promontory Butte
Four Peaks Trail Four Peaks
Granite Spring Trail Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Hells Gate Trail Diamond Point
Highline National Recreation Trail Diamond Point
Horton Creek Trail Promontory Butte
Mazatzal Divide Trail North Peak
Myrtle Trail Dane Canyon
North Peak Trail North Peak
Old Mail Trail Sheep Basin Mountain
Rim-Moody Point Trail Sombrero Peak
Shake Tree Trail Mazatzal Peak

Graham County

Trail Name Map
Ash Creek Trail Three Hundred Seven Thatcher
Bear Canyon Two hundred ninety-nine Trail Stockton Pass
Black Rock Trail Two Hundred Ninety Two Jackson Mountain
Carter Canyon Number Thirty four Trail Shingle Mill Mountain
Clark Park Trail Three hundred one Webb Peak
Cottonwood Mountain Trail Sixty six Bassett Peak
Dutch Henry Two hundred ninety seven Trail Stockton Pass
East Divide Two hundred eighty seven Trail Bassett Peak
Ellison Cabin Two hundred eighty three Trail Mount Turnbull
Fisher Basin Trail Sixty four Jackson Mountain
Gardner Canyon Sixty seven Trail Jackson Mountain
Gibson Canyon - Deadman Hiline Trail Mount Graham
Grant Creek Three hundred five Trail Webb Peak
Holdout Trail Sixty Nine Cobre Grande Mountain
Horse Canyon Trail Number Two hundred fifty four Kennedy Peak
Jesus Goudy Ridge Trail Two hundred ninety eight Webb Peak
Junniper Springs Two hundred ninety five Trail Kennedy Peak
Lady Bug Trail Three Hundred Twenty Nine Mount Graham
Nantac Trail Point of Pines East
Noon Creek Trail Mount Graham
Paddys River Two hundred ninety three Trail Kennedy Peak
Powers Garden Ninety Six Trail Kennedy Peak
Reef Basin Sixty Eight Trail Cobre Grande Mountain
Round the Mountain Trail Mount Graham
Safford Morence Trail Weber Peak
Shingle Mill Mesa Thirty Five Trail Shingle Mill Mountain
West Divide Two Hundred Eighty-nine Bassett Peak

Greenlee County

Trail Name Map
Adbar Trail Fourteen Robinson Mesa
Bear Canyon Trail Robinson Mesa
Blue River One Hundred One Trail Dutch Blue Creek
Chitty Canyon Trail Thirty Four Baldy Bill Point
Coronado Trail Rose Peak
Crabtree Trail Twenty-two Strayhorse
Dry Prong Trail Forty-five Baldy Bill Point
East Eagle Trail Thirty-Three Robinson Mesa
Foote Creek Seventy-six Trail Beaverhead
Frye Trail Twelve Mitchell Peak
H L Canyon Eleven Trail Mitchell Peak
Horse Canyon Trail Thirty-six Maple Peak
Hot Air Trail Fifteen Robinson Mesa
KP Trail Seventy Strayhorse
Lengthy Canyon Trail Eighty-nine Strayhorse
Little Blue Creek Forty-one Trail Alma Mesa
Mud Springs Trail Forty-nine Robinson Mesa
Raspberry Trail Thirty-five Strayhorse
Red Mountain Twenty-five Trail Rose Peak
Robinson Mesa Twenty-seven Trail Robinson Mesa
Salt House Eighteen Trail Strayhorse
Steeple Mesa Seventy-Three Trail Bear Mountain
Stray Horse Canyon Trail Twenty Dutch Blue Creek
Sycamore Trail Blue

Maricopa County

Trail Name Map
Alder Trail Four Peaks
Apache Trail Pinyon Mountain
Black Mesa Trail Goldfield
Boulder Creek Trail Boulder Mountain
Boulder Trail Goldfield
Butterfield Stage Route (historical) Cotton Center SE
Garden Valley Trail Goldfield
Lone Pine Trail Four Peaks
Mazatzal Divide 23 New River
Peters Trail Weavers Needle
Pine Mountain Trail Boulder Mountain
Pipeline Trail Boulder Mountain
Red Hills Trail Goldfield
Second Water Trail Goldfield
Soldier Camp Trail Four Peaks

Mohave County

Trail Name Map
Dome Trail Fern Glen Canyon
Honeymoon Pack Trail Rock Canyon
Honeymoon Trail Rock Canyon
Navajo Trail White Pockets
Sunshine Trail Hole-n-Wall Canyon
Temple Trail Gyp Pocket
Tuckup Trail Fern Glen Canyon

Navajo County

Trail Name Map
Foot Canyon Trail Outlaw Draw
General Crook Connector Trail Clay Springs
West Buckskin Trail Outlaw Draw
West Holcomb Trail Brookbank Point
West Lincoln Trail Day Spring
Whiskey Trail Oak Creek Ranch

Pima County

Trail Name Map
Bear Canyon Trail Twenty-Nine Sabino Canyon
Caħada del Oro Four Mount Lemmon
Cargodera Canyon Six Trail Mount Lemmon
Crystal Spring/Butterfly Trail Mount Bigelow
Davis Spring Trail Twenty-eight Buehman Canyon
Desert Discovery Nature Trail Avra
Douglas Spring Trail Mica Mountain
Heartbreak Ridge Trail Mica Mountain
Hugh Norris Trail Avra
King Canyon Trail Avra
La Milagrosa-Aqua Caliente Trail Agua Caliente Hill
Puerto Blanco Drive Kino Peak
Sabino-Palisade Trail Twenty-Three Sabino Canyon
Samaniego Ridge Seven Trail Mount Lemmon
San Juan Trail Cat Mountain
Sendero Esperanza Trail Avra
Sweetwater Trail Avra
Tanque Verde Ridge Trail Tanque Verde Peak
Valley View Overlook Trail Avra
Ventura Esperero Trail Twenty-five Sabino Canyon

Pinal County

Trail Name Map
Camp Grant Wash Trail Putnam Wash
Cave Trail Weavers Needle
Charlebois Trail Goldfield
Coffee Flat Trail Weavers Needle
Dutchmans Trail Weavers Needle
East Boulder Trail Goldfield
J F Ranch Trail Iron Mountain
Miners Trail Weavers Needle
Needle Cutoff Trail Goldfield
Needle Trail Weavers Needle
Peralta Trail Weavers Needle
Quarter Circle U Trail Goldfield
Red Tanks Trail Weavers Needle
Reevis Trail Iron Mountain
Reevis Trail Iron Mountain
Tortilla Camp Trail Iron Mountain
West Boulder Trail Goldfield
Whiskey Spring Trail Weavers Needle

Santa Cruz County

Trail Name Map
Cave Canyon Trail One Hundred Forty-Seven Mount Wrightson
Josephine Canyon Trail Number 133 San Cayetano Mountains
Josephine Saddle Madera Trail Number 134 Mount Hopkins
Kent Spring Trail 156 Mount Wrightson
Old Baldy National Recreation Trail Loop Mount Wrightson
Onal Recreation Trail Mount Wrightson
Peħa Blanca Trail Number Forty-one Pena Blanca Lake
Sawmill Canyon Trail 146 Mount Wrightson
Summit Motorway Alamo Spring
Summit Motorway 39A Alamo Spring
Sweetwater Baldy Saddle Trail 143 Mount Wrightson
Thunder Mine Road Harshaw
Vault Mine Trail One Hundred Forty Mount Hopkins
Walker Basin Trail Number One Hundred Thirty Six Mount Wrightson

Yavapai County

Trail Name Map
Algonquin Trail Crown King
Apache Maid Trail Apache Maid Mountain
Bell Trail Casner Butte
Bradshaw Trail Battle Flat
Buckhorn Trail Walker Mountain
Bull Run Trail Crown King
Casner Mountain Trail Eight Loy Butte
Castle Creek Trail Bumble Bee
Cellar Basin Trail Minnehaha
Cherry Creek Trail Two Hundred Fourteen Minnehaha
Club Ranch Trail Table Mountain
Cold Water Trail Horner Mountain
Cold Water Trail Number Twenty Seven Horner Mountain
Deadwood Trail Casner Butte
E Cross L Trail Number Two Hundred Eighty One Groom Creek
Gaddes Canyon Trail Hickey Mountain
Granite Mountain Trail Number Two Hundred Sixty One Iron Springs
Groom Creek Loop Trail Groom Creek
Horse Mountain Trail Number Two Hundred Twelve Minnehaha
Hot Loop Trail Munds Mountain
Jim Creek Trail Number Two Hundred Thirty Five Crown King
Lane Mountain Trail Crown King
Little Granite Mountain Trail Number Thiry Seven Iron Springs
Long Canyon Trail Casner Butte
Loy Butte Five Loy Butte
Mazatzal Divide Mazatzal Peak
Military Trail Turkey Canyon
Mooney Trail Loy Butte
Mount Francis Trail Forty Eight Wilhoit
Mountain Ranch Trail Number Ten Verde Hot Springs
Mud Tanks Trail Fifty Hackberry Mountain
Nelson Trail Number One Hundred Fifty Nine Tule Mesa
North Mingus Trail Number One Hundred Six Hickey Mountain
Ox Bow Trail Number One Hundred Sixty Three Horner Mountain
Packard Trail Sycamore Basin
Pine Creek Trail Number Two-hundred Eighty-nine Poland Junction
Pine Flat Trail Tule Mesa
Rosalie Mine Trail Number Eight Cooks Mesa
Seal Mountain Trail Wagoner
Sierra Prieta Crest Trail Nmber Two Hundred Sixty Four Iron Springs
Sycamore Basin Trail Sycamore Basin
Table Mountain Trail Table Mountain
Tiptop Trail Crown King
Towel Creek Trail Hackberry Mountain
Towel Creek Trail Hackberry Mountain
Tuzigoot Trail Clarkdale
Twin Peaks Trail Crown King
Verde Rim Trail Tule Mesa
Verde River Trail Number Eleven Chalk Mountain
View Point Trail Number One Hundred Five Hickey Mountain
Wagoner Trail Number Two Hundred Thirteen Minnehaha
Walker Basin Trail Walker Mountain
Walker Basin Trail Casner Butte
White Rock Spring Loop Trail Number Thirty Eight Iron Springs
Willow Spring Trail Table Mountain
Willow Spring Trail Crown King
Woodchute Trail Hickey Mountain
Yankee Doodle Trail Groom Creek

Yuma County

Trail Name Map
Camino Del Diablo Sierra de la Lechuguilla
Mohawk Papago Well Road Mohawk Mountains SW
Route of Butterfield Stage Ligurta






















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